Elective Classes

Adult Bible Study Electives

Insight Into Biblical Topics

Sundays | 8:10am | Room 502A&D

All ages are welcome to come and study various topics throughout the Bible. For more information, contact Bill Springer.

A Jewish Look at a Jewish Book

Sundays | 9:30am | Room 502A&D

Have you ever wondered how Yeshua (Jesus) read and taught the Bible? Join us as we take a Jewish Look at a Jewish Book - a Talmudic/ Rabbinical / Jewish view of Scripture. Come with your Bible and your questions! This class will meet both on site and on Zoom. For more information, contact Rabbi Michael Delp TS.

People of The Bible

Sundays | 9:30am | Room 502B

You may have heard their names, but where do they fit in? How did God use them? Join us as we explore what we can learn from each of them, and how we can apply the lessons they teach in our lives. For information, contact Dan Callon.

Everyday Theology

Sundays | 9:30am | Room 105B

Our theology is the basis of our faith and touches every part of our existence. In this study, we will explore the essential doctrines of Scripture, God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, humanity, salvation, the Church, and the end times, to know God more deeply through these foundational truths. For more information, contact Ellen Sheets.

1 Samuel: A Nation Broken 

Sundays | 9:30am | Room 502C

A nation crumbling from the inside out. Everyone doing what they felt was right. No unity. Infighting. Foreign countries freely invading, killing, and conquering. Disturbingly few rays of hope in a nation filled with dark skies. Desperate, a nation cries out for what they thing they will need. Let's see how God's character is revealed in how He answers, or doesn't answer, the prayers of those who call on Him. Motives mean everything. With any questions, contact Kevin Olson.

Responding to God's Grace

Sundays | 9:30am | Room 105A

This class is for men 50+. It features an open discussion format and Bible study. For more information, contact Isaac Sheek.

"You've Got This!" - Handling Life's Challenges

Sundays | Sept 20-Oct 18 | 11am | Room 502B

Your life is filled with challenging circumstances-every single day, big and small. The combined weight can feel overwhelming and you ask, "Where is God in all of this?", "What did I do to deserve this?", and "What good can ever come from this?" If you want the key to real help and hope in such seeming turmoil, then come. Christ's perspective through His Word is essential material for every Christ follower! Register by Aug 30.

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The Book of Acts

Sundays | 11am | Room 502A&D

News of the resurrection of the Messiah spread rapidly. It began first in Jerusalem with the establishment of the Church. Then it expanded. Come study how God worked through His people to reach all nations. How should this motivate us today? For more information, contact Bruce Records at 317-882-55778 or Matt McGovern at 317-954-1936.

Financial Peace University Flex

Tuesdays | Sept 1-Oct 27 | 6:30-7:30pm | Room 405

FPU Flex is a wonderful way to get the fulfillment of Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University while having the flexibility of only meeting for an hour as a group. Instead of the normal classroom setting, where we have an hour lesson and an hour discussion, FPU Flex offers more flexibility where those taking the class watch each lesson at home and online. We then get all of the attendees together for one hour per week to go through discussion questions and application. Register by Aug 23. YOU MUST ATTEND AN INTRO CLASS ON EITHER AUG 11 OR 25 TO REGISTER FOR THIS CLASS.

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Family enrichment


Blended Family Class / step Family Smart

Sundays | Sept 20-Nov 8 | 9:30am | Room 405

This class will focus on the fundamental steps to blended family success and provide practical, realistic solutions to the issues facing step families. Whether married or soon to be married, you'll discover how to 1) solve the everyday puzzles of step-parenting and stepchildren relationships, 2) communicate effectively with an ex-spouse, 3) "cook" your step family slowly rather than expect an instant blend. Registration is open online through September 13. For more information contact Dennis Frazier at 317-519-0460.

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Mondays | 6:30pm | Room 502A&D

This is a weekly seminar and support group for people who are separated or divorced. It's a place where you can be with people who understand what you are feeling, and where you can hear valuable information about ways to heal from the hurt of divorce. Join at anytime.

If you'd like to find out more or get involved, please call Dennis & Pat Frazier at 317-502-6377.

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