CONNECT at Greenwood Christian Church (GCC) is a three year strategy designed to enrich our lives with the teachings of Jesus Christ by living in Grace through discipleship, reach out to our community through evangelism, and ready our church for the next generation through leadership development. 

DISCIPLESHIP: We CONNECT with God and one another in life-changing ways to become more like Jesus. 

Every Christian is responsible to pursue transformation into the likeness of Jesus.


  • Teach the GCC family what spiritually maturing disciples of Jesus look like.
  • Provide Discipleship Coaches to help new believers gain traction in their journey.
  • Make the discipleship pathway clear enough that we can each self-assess our own needed next steps of growth.
  • Equip Lifegroup leaders to challenge and nurture their group members in seeking not just attendance/participation, but growth in the likeness of Jesus.

EVANGELISM: We CONNECT with broken, lost people by meeting them where they are, sharing God’s love and our mutual need for Jesus.

Every person who discovers new life in Jesus becomes a gospel messenger to others.


  • Equip the GCC family to articulate the gospel message (the story of Jesus) and their testimony (the story of His work in our lives) in words and actions to others.
  • Challenge every believer to intentionally befriend at least one lost person, with a determination to love them and introduce them to Jesus.
  • Emphasize building relationships and earning the right to be heard through compassionate service to our neighbors, community, congregation, and world.
  • Celebrate each decision to follow Jesus.

LEADER DEVELOPMENT: We CONNECT with one another to equip and empower every believer to lead in our homes, our communities, and our church.

Every church is responsible to continually develop growing, influential servant-leaders.


  • Teach the GCC family that every believer is called to wield godly influence.
  • Equip believers to identify their spheres of godly leadership.
  • Assess and improve our systems for continually identifying, equipping, and empowering the next generation of leaders.