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Our GC Kids ministry exists to equip a generation to love God through a life of worship, grow together as disciples of Christ, and inspire others to follow Jesus.

The GC Kids program offers age-appropriate services and programs for children from infants to fifth graders during both Weekend Services, with the goal of fostering a long-lasting relationship with God.

We strongly believe in the Orange philosophy. We hope to help connect the bright lights of the Church (yellow) with the warm heart of the home (red). The idea is yellow + red = orange.

What to expect

When you arrive at Greenwood Christian, you will find overhead signage or a Host Team volunteer who will assist you in locating the GC Kids check-in area. The volunteers will be happy to answer any questions you may have and then guide you through the process of getting your kids checked into the appropriate classes based on their birth date or grade level.

We understand that your family's safety is important to you. To ensure your peace of mind, we have taken several measures. All our volunteers have undergone a thorough background check. Your children will be given a name tag and a claim tag each week, which you will need to present while picking them up from their classroom. The teacher will match the number on the name tag and claim ticket to ensure that your child is safely handed over to you. Additionally, all children will be required to check in at the GC Kids Check-in stations in the Commons, as early as 15 minutes before the service.

Nursery & Toddler

During each adult worship service, we offer great programming for babies and toddlers (birth through 2 years old) where we share the love of Jesus with your kids.

Preschool & Kindergarten

Our Preschool/Kindergarten ministries aim to introduce your children to Jesus and the Word of God through various activities such as free play, worship, interactive Bible stories, and engaging activities. We provide parents with materials and support to reinforce the lesson each week. Our ultimate goal is to create a strong foundation for your children, where they learn that God created them, loves them deeply, and Jesus wants to be their friend forever.

Elementary & Preteen (Grades 1-5)

In our Elementary & Preteen ministries, we strive to captivate your child's attention by utilizing high-energy music, storytelling, games, videos, and small group activities with the aim of helping kids grow in their relationship with Jesus. Additionally, we offer parents support and supplies to strengthen each week's lesson.

Special Needs

A sensory break room is offered on Sunday mornings at 11 am for all ages. This class provides activities for sensory breaks and teaches with an adjusted curriculum. It is staffed with an experienced special needs staffer and other caring volunteers. Parents interested in utilizing this opportunity are asked to contact the Early Childhood Director Lydia Midkiff at


Parent Connect

Sunday at Home: GC Kids weekly online story and worship experience.

Parent Cue App: The Parent Cue App cues you to have simple and meaningful faith moments with your kid that will fit seamlessly into the daily rhythm of your life. 


 For Parents: Mental Health Resources

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