I just wanted to share this with you...just because I'm so excited about it! Right around the time you and Matt G. started sending out emails about starting prayer walks in our neighborhoods, Jean and I were reading a book entitled Ablaze For God by Wesley Duewel. In it he writes:

"Our danger is that although in our busy schedules and ministry we recognize that soul-winning is part of our responsibility, yet it becomes almost incidental in our work plan and time plan. It remains our goal in theory, but in practice it is often not a priority in our public or private ministry. No Christian leader is the person of God that our Lord wants him to be unless day after day the consuming desire of his heart is that people come to Christ. For this we must live, must long, must seek opportunities, must pray, and must believe. You have not drunk deeply of the spirit of Christ if you do not share His tears over the unsaved who are blindly hastening to an eternity forever separated from the love of God, the presence of Christ, and with all hope of change forever gone."

These words really hit me hard and during my prayer time that morning I heard God telling me to start praying for our neighbors...not as a whole but individually. I printed out a map of our neighborhood and labeled every house (we have hundreds of houses in our neighborhood). Each day we (Matthew and the kids are doing this too) pick a house to pray for. We find a verse (usually a Psalm) and pray that verse and a blessing over the people living in that house. Then we write out the verse on a card and let them know that they have been prayed for. The kids and I walk the card down to the specific house each day before school and leave it in their mailbox. I write the address on our whiteboard in the kitchen so we can be reminded all day of who we are praying for. Today we delivered our 56th card. It is has been so neat to receive cards in the mail from Christian neighbors who were encouraged by our card and are in turn praying blessings for us and our ministry. We've had people stop by our house to just say "thanks". We've also had several cars drive slowly down our court looking for our address (we include it on the cards so we can be available to them if they'd like to discuss Christ further). Usually they don't stop...but we know they are curious.

Anyway, thank you for your encouragement to get out there and be a missionary right where we are. Matthew, Landin, Lauren, and I are being abundantly blessed by blessing others.

Just wanted to share! :)