Autumn Houseman

Last October, our family (my wife, Autumn, our girls, Grace (age 9), Hope (age 6), my mom, and myself) had the opportunity to serve with a missions in Grand Goave, Haiti alongside five other families from GCC, as well as a number of other people from across the country. There were a lot of impactful moments on the trip. While GCC was representing multiple nations, our missionary team was representing multiple cultures. A group from Lifeline's Navajo mission was there serving also. It was a blessing to get a small glimpse of heaven! People from a number of different races and backgrounds all worshipping and serving our God together, but in our own unique ways.

Our family got the opportunity to meet a set of newborn triplets while in the clinic visiting the infant nutrition program. They completely stole our hearts! When we heard that they were looking for someone to sponsor all three of them, we knew God put us in that place for that purpose and we said yes! Our girls were so excited to sponsor those two little girls and one little boy, but afterwards, we had to explain to Hope that we were not bringing them home to live with us!

While this was quite the experience, it wasn't the most impactful for our family: that came in the days following our return home. For a few days after we got home, we noticed a huge change in our girls' attitudes and moods. What was usually a happy and energetic duo of girls turned into a sad, mopey, and lethargic team. After a couple of days, we sat them down to help process their feelings and figure out what was going on. We finally figured out they were dealing with "First World Guilt". They felt bad that they were able to come home to all the comforts available to them while leaving all the friends they made to their impoverished lives. They wanted to return immediately and continue helping and loving on the Haitians. While the fervor of the initial longing to help has subsided, it is still strong in their hearts. They pray for their friends in Haiti every single night! The experience they got on this trip looks to just be the beginning of many experiences serving our God both here and abroad. We were so blessed to see God work in our daughters' little hearts in such a big way!"