Brenda Ferg

Life can change in an instant. We all know that ... an auto accident, a fire, a tornado. But life can also change with the whisper of one word: cancer. That's what happened to our family on May 13, 2014 when Jason was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma. Of course our family was by our side, and they were a huge help. But our other "family" also came to our aid, our LifeGroup. Not only did they lift us up in prayer, but they met many other needs - providing meals, running errands for us, getting our boys to and from their practices, spending time with our boys when we were at the hospital, taking Jason to appointments, selling "FergStrong" T-shirts to our family and friends to help raise money to help with medical costs and planning a very special fundraiser/roast in honor of Jason - a night we will never forget. Most importantly, they kept our spirits up with calls, texts and emails. Knowing you are on someone's mind and in their prayers can be the difference between a good day and a bad day. They gave us hope. And for that we will forever be grateful and indebted. Joining this LifeGroup was the best decision we ever made (besides maybe getting married - ha ha). They say you can't choose your family, but I think we proved them wrong.