Brett and Dawn Hawkins

Last year in July of 2015, Brett accepted a music teacher position at Abraham Lincoln Elementary in the Perry Township School District in south Indy. Brett made the move to Indy at the end of July last year from our home just south of Louisville in Mt. Washington, Kentucky. I, Dawn, made the transition “full-time” to Indy from the Louisville area the first part of November. With the move to Indy, we had to take a leap of faith in the process of moving to a new area. In the transition to Indy, our main focus on getting settled here was to find the right church family for us. We wanted to go where God wanted us to serve, a place we could grow in our faith, and a church we could call home. Greenwood Christian Church was the second church we visited, and we loved the church from our fist visit (late August 2015). We want to thank Adam and Heidi Palmer for inviting us to GCC!

In December 2015, we went through the DEEP class, and in January of this year, we became members of this amazing church, GCC. Kent Patterson was our Discipleship Coach – we had a great time getting to know Kent and learning more about GCC through the process of meeting with him during the discipleship coaching.

Since the beginning of 2016, and becoming members at GCC, Brett and I have gotten connected at GCC in numerous ways. At GCC, it is so easy to get connected, and feel a sense of belonging. There are a wide variety of ways to get involved, to love God, and to minister to and love others. Serving and loving God, and God’s people, is important to us.

Brett has a deep passion for music, and is serving on the Worship Team, as one of the drummers. He began serving in this capacity in February. Music and worship are at the core of who Brett is – his love for music, and serving on Worship Team, helping lead others in worship brings great joy to Brett. I (Dawn), also began serving at GCC in January, as part of the Guest Services team, as a Greeter. It is a great pleasure greeting our church family as they arrive to worship God on Sunday mornings. Seeing your smiling faces, and sharing a common faith and love for Christ is such an encouragement to me. I have also gotten connected through a variety of the Women’s Ministry events, such as attending the Women’s Retreat this past March, as well as the various Women’s Bible Studies on Thursday evenings. The friendships I have made through the Women’s Retreat, and the Thursday night Bible Studies, have been so vital to the growth of my faith, and with getting connected with the beautiful women of GCC. I also had the opportunity to be a part of the She Shares mentoring program this past spring and truly loved every minute of it. Ladies, if you have not taken the opportunity to go through the She Shares mentoring program, I highly recommend it – it is a time of learning Biblical truths for women with amazing mentors, and the friendships you make with other Christian women is so sweet. I have also enjoyed serving on the photography team, and had a blast serving by taking pictures for the Sports Ministry at the recent 5K run, as well as a couple evenings for Ultimate Frisbee. The various ministries at GCC do such an amazing job connecting people, and serving our church, our community, and many others. Loving and serving God, and others, is vital to GCC. Brett and I love being part of a church family who seeks to assist others in getting connected to other believers, and knows how to help people feel a sense of belonging as they dig DEEP in their relationship with Christ and others, and with each next step in their Christian journey.

Lastly, Brett and I have recently gotten involved in a Life Group on Friday evenings. Life Groups are an amazing way to meet new people of like faith, help you to grow in your relationship with Christ, and to build and grow new friendships in a small group setting. We are also connected to a small group during the Sunday morning 11:00 service. There are numerous ways to get connected to fellow brothers and sisters in Christ at GCC. The friendships we have built in the short time we have been at GCC mean so much to us.

GCC is an amazing church that Brett and I are so blessed to call home and to be a part of such a special family, where we have felt nothing but love from the first day we walked through the doors. We have felt a connection, and belonging, and we rejoice that God led us to GCC in a season of transition for us. Leaving my hometown of over twenty years has been an adjustment, but having such a loving church family at GCC has made the past year such a special time in our lives. God is good; He is faithful. Worshipping, and serving, at GCC is such a sweet blessing and encouragement to us. We love each of you dearly, and we thank you for loving us and helping us grow in each of our steps we have taken at GCC, and for helping us go DEEP! We hope we can be an encouragement to each of you as much as you have been to us. God bless each of you!