Carol Williams

I’ve been attending Greenwood Christian church for about 3 ½ years. When I moved to Greenwood my sister invited me to GCC with her and her family. I accepted the invitation and the story begins. Changes were needed in my life. I am widowed, living alone after nearly 39 years of marriage. My children are grown and living away. I serve on the board of my neighborhood homeowner’s association, volunteer through our local St. Francis Hospice House and serve in the nursery one a Sunday a month. I was staying busy but felt there was something missing from my life.

I wasn’t sure what I needed. I joined the Thursday evening women’s bible study. It seemed a good start. Actually, it’s been a great start! The support and knowledge shared in this group is life changing. I find it a safe place to explore my faith and I’ve learned so much from this group of women who I now call friends. Through my study, I decided baptism was one thing I was missing. I was baptized as an infant in the Catholic faith but had never committed myself through immersion baptism. Friends, Stacy Jo Cox & Cindy Huffman, made the arrangements for my baptism. David Strange, my neighbor & friend, baptized me on a Thursday evening in November 2015. The baptism was witnessed by one of my daughters, my sister, her family and the bible study group. What an experience to accept Jesus as my Lord and Savior before these important people in my life!

I’m searching for ways to continue to strengthen my faith. I retired a year ago and more time is available for me to give of myself. This past year I joined the Help Group at church. It allows me to give back by helping others who need assistance on a short-term basis. Still searching……

I received another unexpected tug at my heart. During this past summer, I met up with a friend/former neighbor while in our dentist office. Coincidently (or not) my friend Samantha shared with me her involvement in Christ Youth Bible Club (CYBC). I have no idea how we got onto the subject of Christ Youth Bible Club ...but we did! She shared a statistic of her first encounter at CYBC. Only 11 of 49 students in attendance knew who Jesus is. I was amazed! She further explained how rapidly these clubs are growing and the desperate need for volunteers. I will be volunteering as a shepherd. God truly does work in mysterious ways!

I’ve heard great things about Life Groups but I‘d been reluctant to join. I’m now exploring in 2 groups to determine where I best fit. I also plan to check out Friends to Friends.

Most recently I saw the Stephen’s Ministry advertisement. This ministry’s been weighing on me since joining GCC. In the past, I was a parish nurse and spiritually ministered to the sick.

There are so many opportunities at GCC and in the community. Discerning where God is calling me to serve is not an easy task. Learning to pray and listen for His voice are lessons we’ve explored in the women’s bible study. I’m trying to put these lessons into practice. Our current bible study is “The Best Yes”. My prayer is God will show me where He wants my time and talents utilized so I may choose The Best Yes’s. I’m so thankful for Greenwood Christian Church!