Connie Dwyer

In September, Close Knit Friends will be celebrating its 11th year at GCC. We have seen a lot of ladies come and go; gone through weddings, births and funerals, and recently we lost one of our dear close friends. Gretchen Bower went home to the Lord on August 8, 2016. Now Gretchen has two beautiful daughters, Sue and Beth, and between the two of them they have nine grandkids. Gretchen, being the loving grandmother and a very accomplished knitter, would knit each grandchild an afghan, of their choice and color, after they graduated from high school. Unfortunately she was not able to finish the one for her grandson who graduated this year. But before she left this earth, she gave specific instructions on who she wanted to finish it. Karen Breuninger, who is in our group, and a very accomplished knitter, was the one Gretchen chose to finish the afghan and she is currently working on it and will have it finished sometime in September. Now there are three more grandkids of Gretchen who will be graduating within the next 4 year and we were asked by her daughters to make their afghans also. And, of course, we said yes. That is what close knit friends are for.