Gerard Lehner

Men’s Ministry- Tampa Mission Work Trip 2016

The Men’s Mission trip to Tampa, FL in February was a very humbling experience for me. My trip down there started when the men in our Lifegroup said we should go, serve, and do whatever we can to assist a fellow church. 5 days away from family and work responsibilities is not always easy but well worth it. I had not been involved in any Men’s Ministry outings until this one so it was God’s plan to bring us all together, use the skills he’s given us in life, and let us put our hands and hearts to work. Minor construction, painting, repair work, landscaping, and community outreach were but a few of the many jobs our group tackled why we were there. We accomplished a lot and you could tell from the appreciation of the congregation how special our time there was. This trip gave me the opportunity to fellowship with my Lifegroup and a much larger Lifegroup I just met! Looking forward to 2017!