Joe Barnhorst

How god is working in the sports ministry from my perspective

I have seen good work in numerous ways through this sports ministry, starting with my own personal growth, I have been involved in this ministry for some time now, but it all started from the sidelines. I had been watching my daughter play here at GCC but wasn’t quite feeling the whole “Jesus thing” I would sit back on the sidelines, just close enough to be within earshot to know what my daughter was being told so that I would be able to at least know if I needed to “edit” or “correct” anything. Since that time I have grown to learn that no matter what I would have told my daughter in opposition to what was being shared with her, there is no correction or edit possible because the truth of the love of Jesus was being shared with my daughter through this ministry. Since then I have been baptized, and taken up membership in GCC and my daughter has also expressed interest in baptism. We are now regular attenders as well as regular contributors to GCC, but most importantly we are striving to live out the gospel in our day to day lives, are we perfect NO, but we are striving to be. Enough about me and my family though…

Throughout the community I have heard nothing but great words about our ministry from a parent stopping me because they loved the bible verse on the back of my shirt from the kid that saw me at Meijer and was just amazed to see his coach off the field. I have seen people come onto these fields and take in the gospel who may have never stepped foot near a church or heard the gospel otherwise if we did not have this middle ground for them, I have also seen a few of those faces come inside our doors on Sunday and Saturday to further their curiosity and get more of the good news.

Growth, I have also seen a growth in this ministry, I am not a numbers guy, but I can tell you that the sports ministry has grown, as well as the family of believers in general. I hope to personally see that growth continue again, not only on the fields, and courts but in the homes, the neighborhoods, the workplaces and if we are lucky the worship center on Sunday.

Joe Barnhorst

Soccer Director/Coach

Basketball Director/Coach