Kelli Cloud, Member of the Helps Service Team

I have prayed a lot over the past year for God to lead me where He wants me to serve. I have really tried to make myself more aware of these opportunities in my everyday life and GCC recently provided me with an amazing opportunity through the Helps Team. I was notified of a young man who had been struck by a vehicle and had undergone surgery and needed some help around his apartment and perhaps just some conversation to help make his days easier and a little more pleasant during his recovery. I signed up to stop by this man’s apartment one evening and I have to admit, I was initially not looking forward to it because I tend to get nervous meeting new people. I prayed about it and I went to the young man’s apartment and left at the end of the evening with a huge smile on my face. Thank you so much to GCC for making me aware of this opportunity. This young man and I had an awesome time just hanging out and we even talked about him being a peer buddy for my son Dawson! When I asked this young man what he needed help with, he allowed me to take out his trash and do a few dishes but said he really just liked having the company. What started as a way for me to help someone in needed really ended up being just as big (if not bigger!) of a blessing for myself. My heart is so full and I plan on keeping in touch with him and introducing him to my family in the near future. I am so happy that God and my GCC service team pushed me out of my comfort zone and allowed me to make a new friend in the process of helping.