Steve Jones

In addition to the adult participation and overall effectiveness of our LifeGroup, I believe all 8 kids within our families feed off the presence of God that exists within our group.

By praying, serving, studying, encouraging and having fun together, I know the kids recognize and really appreciate the opportunity God has presented to all our families. I believe deep down, all the kids have a sense of comfort knowing our families in essence are living life together and looking out for one another on a weekly basis. The LifeGroup program at our church and the bond between our families has not only blessed the adults but it’s transitioned down to our kids.

Our LifeGroup has meaning to our kids! I believe they are growing in their faith and service because God is present in our group.

Additionally, I believe the older kids have developed a sense of accountability toward each other, in a manner similar to that of the adults. This helps the kids to hopefully set their behavioral expectations high during the tough teen years and be accountable for their actions. I sense the kids in our group are looking out for each other in certain ways which confirms the importance of the LifeGroup strategy. The LifeGroup program is a blessing to our families and through God, our adults and kids are inspired by the program. Our group is committed to staying strong and growing together in our faith and relationship with God.