Tom Mails

After seeing the Men's Tampa trip in the bulletin I was interested to do it to meet some of the people that I attend church with. It was a neat experience to know the other men in a more personal way. Including, but limited to our pastor Matt Giebler. It is nice as a new follower of Christ to know that you are more like "the other church people" than you think. You may struggle with the same issues as the person next to you, a row from you. Even your pastor. We are all sinners and fall short of the glory of God.

I am more of a serving person, so this trip was perfect for me. We were able to help out a smaller church in the needs that they cannot do by themselves. I was on a team that built desks for children with Autism to have a school where they can learn and grow with others in their situation.

The highlight of the trip for myself was being on a team that served a meal to the homeless. I was immediately upon arrival sought out from one of the men that started a conversation and asked for me to pray for his friend. I was not a very prayerful person at that point. But without hesitation, I prayed with and for him and his friend. I learned more about him and some of the other homeless. They are just like us, and to realize that so many of us are just one or more paychecks from being in the same situation. Every evening we shared "how did you see God at work today?". It was an experience to see how blessed we are. And how just a simple act of kindness can bless someone else. To be shown that the things you do or say can be the hands and voice for our Savior.

I look forward to the trip again this coming year. I would encourage any of the men thinking of doing the trip to give it a

try. See how they can bless and even be blessed.