The last thing Jesus said to his disciples was, "Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.” (Matthew 28:19-20 NIV)

And we take those words seriously as we seek to love God through a life of worship, grow together as disciples of Christ, and inspire others to follow Jesus.

We invite you to check out upcoming Mission Trips, browse the missionaries with whom we partner, and then send an email to our Outreach Minister, John Veech, to let him know how God is stirring in your heart. 


upcoming trips

  • panama with filter of hope (women only) - September 29-October 4

    Share the health of a water filter and the hope of the Gospel with people in desperate need of both. This trip allows participants to slow down and make a sizable difference that is immediately evident in people's lives.

    Estimated cost: $1,900

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  • western kentucky with crossroads missions (men only) - november 6-10

    In December of 2021, the worst tornadic event in US history struck our neighbors in Western Kentucky. We'll be sending men to help rebuild the community there.

    Estimated cost: $25

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  • northern ireland with salt factory sports (students trip) - spring break, 2025

    Create discipleship experiences for students in a secularized country through sports and English language learning.

    Estimated cost: $2,500


Missionaries With Whom We Partner

Elder Orphan Care

Elder Orphan Care exists to provide help and hope for older adults in need, a call based on the plea found in Psalm 71:9: “Do not cast me away when I am old; do not forsake me when my strength is gone.” EOC serves hundreds of elderly and frail in Romania by partnering with nationals caring for older adults who have been abandoned or have no place to live. As a “come alongside” ministry, they provide encouragement, teams, funds, and resources. The EOC staff and one or more board members travel to Romania with teams at least twice a year to identify opportunities and provide practical helps that is found only in Him. In 2017 EOC began helping older adults in need in Cabarrus County, North Carolina, where Elder Orphan Care’s office is based. By collaborating with local senior-serving organizations they are able to meet a variety of practical needs while providing support and building friendships with individuals who are isolated and often extremely discouraged. To learn more about Elder Orphan Care, visit www.elderorphancare.com and follow Elder Orphan Care on Facebook. 



Fellowship of Associates of Medical Evangelism (FAME)

FAME is disrupting the lack of access to healthcare for the world’s most vulnerable. On GCC’s behalf, FAME gives grants to Global Partners for sustainable projects like hospitals, clinics and mobile clinics to be built or upgraded, ships medical equipment and supplies and sends short term teams to teach health education and treat people, opening the door for the gospel and church planting. In 2020, one million people will be treated in the name of Jesus and hear the good news because FAME.  Visit www.fameworld.org for more information.



crossroads missions

Crossroads Missions is helping to create Christian leaders in Kentucky, New Orleans, and Mexico through refugee ministries, disaster relief, and educational services to build more sustainable communities that are focused on Christ.  Since 1993, Crossroads has partnered with nearly 200,000 volunteers and over 1,000 organizations to change countless lives. Visit crossroadsmissions.com for more information.


Ghana Christian Mission

The purpose of Ghana Christian Mission is to “give the Hope of the Gospel to all the people of Ghana, spiritually and physically. We endeavor to be caring hearts, praying mouths, giving hands, and going feet for the Master of the harvest, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.” They focus on serving God in four key areas: church planting, medical outreach, Christian education, and community development. To learn more about Ghana Christian Mission, visit www.ghanachristianmission.com.



Lifeline Christian Mission

Lifeline Christian Mission has a vision to “spark a life on mission for God. Everyone. Everywhere.” Their mission is to “extend hope and elevate people to experience their God-given potential.” Their current projects include helping a Christian school in Ecuador educate and minister to the children; funding Grand Goave Children’s Home; and Omoa Children’s Home. Their general projects that are on-going are Christian Schools, Church planting; health care; homes; leadership development; nutrition; sending & equipping centers; and sports. To learn more about Lifeline Christian Mission, visit www.lifeline.org.



Jesus Film Project

The Jesus Film is a two-hour movie about the life and ministry of Christ based on the gospel of Luke. The Jesus Film Project dubs the Jesus Film and other related films into other languages. The Jesus Film has been translated and dubbed into over 1840 languages as of 2020. On average, one person places their faith in Christ every second every day after watching the Jesus Film. The fact that "JESUS" has been recognized by The Guinness Book of World Records as the "Most Translated Film" in history reveals how seriously they take the objective to share the gospel with people from every nation, tribe, and tongue. For more information, visit www.JesusFilm.org.




Hutchison Church Planting

Nate and Whitney Hutchison have been planting churches in New Zealand since 2007. They planted Rechurch in the city of Christchurch in 2010. They are now on their second plant - Church Northwest in the city of Auckland - New Zealand’s largest and fastest growing city. Nate leads worship and also does counseling and pastoral care; Whitney oversees the church’s communications. They have three kids - Lane, Henry, and Finn - who were born in 2008, 2010, and 2014. They call New Zealand home. To see the full list of their prayer needs and financial partnership, visit www.n8andwhitney.com.



TCM International Institute

TCM (Training Christians for Ministry) comes alongside Christians who are leading in their own countries and have a passion for reaching their people for Christ. They educate Christian leaders from more than 40 countries through their accredited graduate institute in a way that allows students to still stay fully involved in their home ministries. Haus Edelweiss is their main teaching facility in Vienna, Austria. To learn more about TCM International, visit www.tcmi.org.



Camp Allendale

Allendale Christian Camp and Retreat Center has a purpose of reaching others for Christ through various activities involving over 2,700 campers each summer. Camp Allendale offers retreat facilities for groups, such as youth groups, business groups, and social groups during the months of August and May. To learn more about Camp Allendale and to see their facilities, visit www.camp-allendale.org.



Orchard Group

Orchard Group has been establishing churches where they are most needed for over 70 years. Now they have expanded to other strategic urban settings and are moving to international church planting as well. Orchard Churches are seeing 1,000+ baptisms a year with churches seeing a 98% success rate in staying open and serving their community. They believe that starting new churches is the best way to reach new residents, new people groups and new generations with the gospel. To learn more about Orchard Group, visit www.orchardgroup.org.



filter of hope

By manufacturing and distributing simple, life-saving water filters, Filter of Hope provides families living in poverty easy access to clean, safe drinking water - 250 gallons a day for 10 years. The entire water filter kit fits inside a quart-sized bag and costs just $50 to provide a family with the hope of the Gospel and the health of clean drinking water. To learn more about Filter of Hope, visit www.filterofhope.org.