Serve Day

September 16, 10 am-Noon

What if we could accomplish 2 MONTHS worth of work in 2 HOURS?


Jesus’ brother wrote, “Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.” (James 1:27)


Jesus himself said, “Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.” (Matthew 25:40)


We are going to put those words into practice by using a day that we normally gather together and serve in our community. There will be Kid’s Ministry available for ages 5 and under. Register here for am and/or pm.  We also have service projects lined up that are kid friendly such as “Brunch and Bingo” and worship services at some of the local senior living centers. We have activities that will greatly benefit the local school systems in Johnson County as well as the communities of Pebble Creek and Greenwood Estates. For those wanting to do some construction, we have opportunities to build and repair small structures as well as home renovation and park beautification projects.  


For those who do not want to leave GCC, we have a project where 100 people will be packing 40,000 individual servings of oatmeal for the less fortunate in Johnson and Marion County. We will also have a group writing letters to people serving in our area and abroad. Lastly, and most importantly, we will have a group who will be prayer warriors and will have a card filled with ideas for which to pray. There truly is something for everyone and I hope you will sign up online for this great opportunity to be the hands and feet of Jesus to our community as we seek to accomplish 2 MONTHS OF WORK in 2 HOURS all for the Glory of God.   Sign up here.

See below for descriptions of all the opportunities. LifeGroups and Bible Studies will be dismissed.

Serve Day Celebration Service

September 16 at 6 pm

After a great morning of making a difference in our community, let's gather at the church to celebrate the God we serve.

We'll meet in the Worship Center at 6 pm to spend time praying, singing, sharing testimonies, and seeing a video recap of the projects.

We can't wait to hear your story.

Serve Day Opportunities

On-Campus Projects

  • Kids Ministry

We are offering kids ministry programing for 5 years and under. 20 people with background checks on file at GCC will serve in this area.

  • Prayer Warriors

We will be serving throughout the community. A group will stay back at GCC and pray through a list of items presented on a prayer card that you will receive.

  • Letter Writing

We have a list of people who serve in our community and abroad. A group will stay at GCC and write letters to people on a list.

  • Oatmeal Pack

We will be packing 40,000 individual servings of oatmeal through Lifeline Mission. This will take place in the maintenance building on the northeast side of the GCC parking lot. The food will be given to Shepherd Community Center and the InterChurch Food Pantry of Johnson County.

  • Cleaning Greenwood Christian School

We will be cleaning the toys, windows, walls, and counters of GCS. A group will stay at GCC and work on the school side of the building. Work gloves recommended.

Off-Campus Indoor Projects

  • Delivering Donuts to Hospitals

Meet in the GCC Cafe

2 groups will deliver donuts to St. Francis Hospital and Community South Hospital. These donuts will be available in the GCC commons on Sunday morning at 10 am. Please meet at GCC and be ready to drive to the hospital and deliver the donuts to the nurses stations.

  • Delivering Donuts To Civil Servants

Meet in the GCC Cafe

We’ll deliver donuts to a listing of local police stations and fire stations. Then we get to spend time with them and get to know them. Maybe even pray with them. These donuts will be available in the GCC commons on Sunday morning at 10 am. Please meet at GCC and be ready to drive to the locations to deliver the donuts to the stations.

  • Greenwood Village South Worship Service

295 Village Ln., Greenwood, IN 46143

A team will present a small church service with a 15 minute devotion, 15 minutes of hymns, and a time of communion. This will happen 2 times in 2 different parts of the building.

  • Christina Place Brunch and Bingo

1435 Christian Blvd., Franklin, IN  46131

A group will go to this senior living center and play bingo with the residents. Brunch will also be provided. Get to know them, and show them Christ’s love.

  • Country Charm Senior Living Center

3177 Meridian Parke Dr., Greenwood, IN 46142

A group will travel to the kitchen area and play bingo with the residents. They will receive coins that can be used in the country store on site. We will also have brunch provided. Get to know them, and show them Christ’s love.

  • Demaree Crossing Assisted Living Center

1255 Demaree Rd, Greenwood, IN 46143

We will help lead a hymn sing and devotion along with communion for the residents. We’ll have a chance to get to know them and share Christ’s love.

  • Working Inside A Widow’s Home

2898 Lodgepole Dr., Whiteland, IN  46184
This project involves maintenance and cleaning inside of a single story home. A team will replace a TV stand, repair outlets, install a ceiling fan, replace light bulbs and batteries inside smoke detector, replace handle on sliding door, and clean in high places that she cannot reach. A project leader will communicate the exact details of the job. Work gloves recommended.

  • Greenwood Middle School Shelving Project

1584 Averitt Rd., Greenwood, IN  46143
A group will build shelving units inside 2 rooms at Greenwood Middle School. A project leader will communicate the exact details of the job. Work gloves recommended.

  • Painting Child’s Room

53 Crestview Dr., Greenwood, IN  46143
A group will go to a home, which is close to Northeast Elementary School, and paint a disabled girl’s room. All supplies will be provided. Dress appropriately.

  • Greenwood High School Bleacher Clean

615 Smith Valley Rd., Greenwood, IN  46143
A large group will work together to clean the main gym bleachers and the practice gym bleachers at Greenwood High School. Work gloves recommended.

  • Cornerstone Autism Center

360 Polk St., Greenwood, IN 46143
A team will clean toys, tables, walls, and chairs. They are really looking forward to the completion of this project. Work gloves recommended.

  • Habitat For Humanity - ReStore

6720 N. US 31, Whiteland, IN  46184
This non-profit store funds all of its resources into the community. They’re looking forward to a deep clean inside of their store. Work gloves recommended.

Off-Campus  Outdoor Projects

  • Revitalize Historic Home For Elderly Couple

600 W. Wiley St.
A historic home in downtown Greenwood needs our help. Dave and Deb Julian have requested assistance with pulling weeds and moving some limbs to the roadside. This will vastly improve the look of one of the oldest homes in Greenwood. Work gloves recommended.

  • Northeast Elementary

99 Crestview Dr.
One of our schools needs some help with updating the look of their facility. A group will stick vinyl bathroom art in 6 bathrooms, stain bookshelves, paint a mini barn, and put pavers by an entrance to improve the look of their facility. Work gloves recommended.

  • ISOM Elementary

50 E. Broadway St.
Another school needs our help in pulling some weeds and spreading mulch into their flower garden. This will improve the look of their playground area. Work gloves recommended.

  • Clean Parks And Trails

We will send teams to clean the Northwest Park Annex trail, Northwest Park trail, University Park Trail, Freedom Park, and the Craig Park 5K loop. These parks need beautification after a long summer of fun. Work gloves recommended.

  • Roadside Trash Clean-Up

Groups will travel to Pleasant Creek, I-65 at County Line, Tracy Ditch, and Airport Parkway to pick up trash by the road. These areas become quite littered and need to be cleaned. Work gloves recommended.

Aspen Trace Senior Living Center
3154 S State Rd. 135, Greenwood, IN 46143
Beautiful memory gardens are so important to those with dementia. We will build 2 raised flower beds and stain 20 wooden chairs for their cherished memory courtyard. Work gloves recommended.

  • Johnson County Animal Shelter

2160 N. Graham Rd., Franklin, IN 46131
Studies show more animals are adopted when the grounds look attractive.
We will work to beautify the animal shelter by pulling weeds and working in flower beds. We may also get the chance to play with the animals a bit. Work gloves recommended.

  • Greenwood Estates Wheelchair Ramp Build

123 Davis Dr.
The gentleman who lives at this address has a brother who is handicapped and needs a wheelchair ramp built, but doesn’t have the funds to do so. We look forward to helping him. Work gloves recommended.

  • Greenwood Estates Mini Barn Build

1814 Peck St.
The gentleman who lives here just moved from a different home and needs space to put some tools. A mini barn will save him storage costs and will help him stay organized. We’re excited to help. Work gloves recommended.

  • Pebble Creek Wheelchair Ramp Replacement

104 Malat Dr.
This group will remove the ramp that one lady is not using and take it to another resident and install it. This will help one resident get rid of something she is not using and bless another one. Work gloves recommended.

  • Pebble Creek Front Patio Re-Model

53 Mystic Springs Dr.
A disabled woman’s front patio is filled with rotten boards. We will replace them for her. This group will also trim bushes that are growing onto the patio. This will make it so she can enjoy her patio again. Work gloves recommended.