A registration fee of $100 is required to enroll a student

Annual Elementary Tuition for the 2024-2025 School Year

Kindergarten - $5,400 (GCC Members receive a $270 discount)

1st-5th Grades - $5,400 (GCC Members receive a $270 discount)

All tuition can be paid in 10 equal monthly payments (June-April). Prepay, sibling, and church member discounts are available.

For information on scholarships, please click here.


Curriculum and Technology Fees

Kindergarten - $250

1st-5th Grades - $250



With so many incredible gifts given to our students by our Creator, art plays a significant role in our education. Our art classes are taught by Mrs. Sara Fletcher. Students participate in art class for 45 minutes one day each week. Mrs. Fletcher leads them through a variety of projects throughout the year. Pictures of some of these projects are sent to Artsonia, the largest online children’s art museum. (Before any artwork is posted, parents must give permission). You can view some past GCS student artwork here.

Additionally, each year GCS holds its own art show. This year’s show will take place in conjunction with our spring musical.


Spiritual growth is a key component of our Education With Heart. Our students attend at 45-minute chapel service each Wednesday at 8:45am full of prayer, singing, and a Bible story that center on our theme for the year. “Awards Chapel” takes place at the last chapel of each month, where three awards are given out to students in each class: Student of the Month, Star Student, and Most Christ-like. Parents are always welcome to join us for chapel.

Offerings collected at chapel go to support “Elder Orphan Care"


Technology is a part of every facet of life these days, and we want to help prepare our students for that as well. Our computer classes are taught by Mrs. Maggie Clark. Students participate in a myriad of activities in the computer lab. From Accelerated Reader quizzes to keyboarding to learning various skills through projects, students are equipped with the skills they’ll need for the next step of their educational journey.

Students are always welcome to check here to see if a book qualifies for our Accelerated Reader program.


We believe that a lifelong love of reading will open up a world of possibilities for our students. A regular part of each class week is a trip to the library where students can check out books. All books in our library, except for those in the reference section, are on the Accelerated Reader list.

Students are always welcome to check here to see if a book qualifies for our Accelerated Reader program.


Music education is a priority at Greenwood Christian School. During weekly music classes, Mrs. Tawnya Nall challenges students to grow through lessons consisting of singing, music theory, music history, and rehearsals for our Christmas and Spring Programs. Both of these programs take place in the evening, and student participation is a part of their overall music grade.

Physical Education

Knowing that our body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, we help active students become healthy adults. Held on Mondays, weekly PE classes are led by Mr. Jeff Cochran and encourage students to get up and move while having fun. Through the year, students are exposed to a variety of sports and activities. PE culminates in our year “Field Day” on the last Friday of school in May.

During the year, our own GC Sports Ministry at Greenwood Christian Church offers fall and spring soccer, and long with winter basketball. Be sure to check out their site for more details.

Special Services

We recognize that some of our students have a few additional needs, and we do our best to help address those. GCS administers quarterly progress assessments to help identify which students could use a little extra help in math and language arts.

Clark Pleasant provides a Teacher of Record, School Psychologist, and a Speech and Language Therapist to work with any students who have an Individualized Educational Plan or an Individualized Service Plan. 

GCS Camps

  • All school camps (Summer, Fall Break, Christmas Break, Spring Break) are open to grades K-6
  • Camp hours are 6:30am-5:45pm

Camp Rates

  • $130 / week for 4-5 days per week
  • $100 / week for 3 days per week
  • $75 / week for 2 days per week
  • $45 / week for 1 day per week

We offer a multiple-child discount for families enrolling more than one child in one of our camps. The first child will pay full price, with each additional child receiving a 20% discount.