Elective Classes

Adult Bible Study Electives

mbs: quest 52

Sundays  |  8am  |  Room 502A&D 

Looking for a chance to study the Bible and grow in your faith with some other men? Check out the next Sunday morning study. Feel free to join us anytime. If you have questions, contact Larry Davis.


for women: women's bible study

Sundays  |  8am  |  Room 405

Ladies, join anytime! This group does various studies including books of the Bible and topical studies. We have a dynamic group of women who want to study the word and apply it to their lives. For more information, contact Amy Franco.


truth seekers: grace, grace, god's grace

Sundays  |  8:10am  |  Room 502B&C

For more information, contact Bill Springer or Henry Denton.


Hymn Sing

Sundays  |  9am  |  Room 502C

Do you love timeless hymns? Are you looking for an additional worship experience each week? Then Hymn Sing just might be your cup of tea. Each Sunday, a faithful group gathers for a time of singing in the classics and enjoying community. We would love to see you at the next Hymn Sing!


A Jewish Look at a very Jewish Book

Sundays  |  9:30am  |  Room 502A&D

A Talmudic, Midrashim, Rabbinical study of the Bible. Join Messianic Rabbi Michael Delp as he shares Jewish insights, traditions, teachings, and commentaries of both the books of the Tanakh (Old Testament) and B'rit HaChadashah (New or Refreshed Covenant). For more information, contact Rabbi Michael Delp TS.


grace and peace

Sundays  |  9:30am  |  Room 502B

These foundational attributes of Christianity are featured in the greetings of several of Paul's letters in the New Testament. We will explore how this pair of characteristics, encompassing both attitudes and actions, is interwoven throughout the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation. For information, contact Dan Callon.


for women: women of grace

Sundays  |  9:30am  |  Room 502C

We will be studying the chronological life of Jesus looking at all four Gospels - Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John - together. For more information, contact Ellen Sheets.


bible study: The book of colossians

Sundays  |  11am  |  Room 502A&D

Paul wrote Colossians to warn the believers of doctrinal error and to spur them to continued growth in Christ. The first half of Colossians is a theological treatise that includes one of the most profound presentations of Christology anywhere in the New Testament. The second half is a mini-ethics course, addressing every area of Christian life. Paul progresses from individual life to the home and family, from work, to the way we should treat others. The theme of this book is the Lordship of Christ and His sufficiency in meeting our needs in every area. For more information, contact Matthew McGovern.